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man needs to ask 'why, why, why?'

Tiger got to hunt,
Bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder, "Why, why, why?"

Tiger got to sleep,
Bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand
-Kurt Vonnegut.

photoshoot ^.^

I was bored. And the glasses were tempting :P

Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Protest

Today before class we went to a protest against Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are a lab conducting cruel and inhumane experiments on all kinds of animals, including wild-caught baboons.


We went to the offices of Novartis, one of their biggest clients, but they were "conveniently" out to lunch. We did however hand out pamflets and stick them up all over, and this Sunday we will be informing people on the street in obs. Anyone residing in Cape Town interested in participating, please contact me ^_^


Afterwards we had to sit in the bathroom drawing all kinds of weird objects for about 2 hours ^__^ fun fun...it was a good day. I think I should do more for the people and world around me, it makes life more rewarding, or at least I feel like I'm doing something with it.

Bubbles rise to the surface
Twenty four frames in one second
Someone is watching

This cathode ray junkie
Just killing time
We have nothing to lose

Our skin is jagged
But our heads are clear
Static hum and white noise

This 4am bible
Neon lights for eyes
Someone can see us

Together and happy
All in our own world
Symmetric and perfect

Science keeps the lonely warm

-Peace Burial At Sea - B Movie Karma

Art of James Jean

My personal favorites from my favorite illustrator/artist >.<



creative soul


I love this place...

At the moment I am studying Fine Arts, and I absolutely love my college! For the first time in years I can say that I'm happy :) My life at the moment feels like a holiday, and I have the most amazing friends now.